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Incognito mode

Use extension in incognito mode

The Bird Eats Bug browser extension can be used in incognito windows.

You just need to enable the permission in the extension management page. Here are steps to follow:

  1. Go to the Manage Extensions page by pasting this link to your browser chrome://extensions/.
  2. Click on Details button on the Bird Eats Bug extension.

extension details

  1. Enable the toggle of Allow in Incognito, and now you can use the extension in incognito mode.

allow in incognito

Browser profiles as an alternative to incognito mode
(Chrome browsers)

When using the extension in incognito mode, it will still share the accounts with the extension in the standard browser mode (this is how it has been configured by the browser). So if you want to use an entirely independent version of the extension for testing purposes, we recommend using the Profile feature in Chrome browsers as an alternative. You can learn more about browser profiles here.