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Page load

End users load the SDK from servers located in the EU. We do not keep logs of technical information inadvertently transmitted as part of the request like the end user IP or user agent. Theoretically you can host the SDK files yourself, but then you will have to keep them up to date on your own, and we cannot guarantee that the self-hosted SDK will never break due to being outdated.

On page interaction

In the default settings, no data is recorded until the user explicitly triggers recording with SDK. When the optional instant replay feature is enabled, recording is started at SDK initialization.

When a recording is running, the SDK collects technical information, but stores it locally on the end user's device. Only when the end user submits the recording, the recorded technical data is uploaded to Bird Eats Bug's servers.

Prevent the recording of sensitive data, or redact recorded data before upload

There are multiple ways to prevent the recording of certain data, or to ensure that sensitive information is redacted before uploading to Bird Eats Bug's servers.