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Manage a bug report

Move recording

Recordings are stored in specific folders within a workspace. To move a bug report to a different workspace or folder, click the Move button in the top-right and select the destination folder.

move recording

Delete recording

To delete a recording, click the trash can button in the top-right.

delete recording

Track recording views

Every unique view of your recording is displayed here, so you can easily check who and when someone viewed your bug report. Click the views tracker to see more details of the viewers.

If your recording link is accessible by anyone, then you may also see anonymous viewers in the list, denoted by a random insect name and dark gray text.


Customise recording layout

You can optionally show or hide the developer tools or details panels to tailor the layout of your recording to different viewers. For example, if a recording does not require the technical logs to be shown (e.g. UI bugs, product demo), then you can hide the developer tools panel from view.

Now when you share the recording link, the viewer will see the same layout you have configured.

Here are 2 ways you can hide the developer tools or details panels:

  1. Click the x button located on the top-right of each panel to close it.

close panel

  1. Click the layout toggle buttons to show or hide the panels.

toggle layout


Add labels to further categorise your bugs.

Add a label

To add a label, click the Add label button in the details panel.

add label

Manage labels

Labels can be created and managed in the general workspace settings.

manage labels

Quick create new labels

You can also create new labels from directly in the bug report. Type in the desired label in the search input, and if it doesn’t already exist, you can create one directly.

create label


Bug reports can be assigned to multiple team members. Click the Add assignee button in the details panel.

When you assign a team member to a bug report, they will receive an email alert with a link to the bug report (unless they have intentionally disabled such notifications in their account settings - learn more about notifications).

add assignee


Integrations allow you to manage the bugs directly in your dedicated issue management tools such as Jira, GitHub etc.

Integrations with Bird can be triggered automatically or manually. Check out our integrations page to learn more about how these work.