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Instant Replay ‚Äč

When instant replay is turned on, the SDK automatically keeps track of the last 2min of interactions without the user having to trigger recording. When the user triggers the SDK with instant replay enabled, the user can right-away report issues without having to reproduce them in a recording first.

Enable instant replay with the following settings:

	/* ... other options */
	instantReplay: true,

The feature is turned off by default, for two reasons:

  • Enabling instant replay causes data to be stored on the user's computer. Storing data on users' computers requires consent in some legislations. This means that enabling instant replay could require a "consent banner" for the SDK's "usage of browser storage without user action." The SDK might only be allowed to be loaded once the user consented.
  • Continuous recording with instant replay causes scripts to be loaded and run at every page load. The feature uses some additional computing resources. Usually the effects should be small, but depending on the page and the user's computer it can have a negative impact on page performance.