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Team roles

When you invite a team member to your workspace, there are 3 roles available (Premium plan only) to help you manage access while allowing anyone to report bugs to your workspace.


Users with the Admin role have full control of the workspace. They can:

  • Manage the subscription plan
  • Invite or change the role of any member
  • Upload, access and manage all recordings in the workspace
  • Configure workspace-level features such as auto-join, or team integrations


Our member role is ideal for growing teams where it is no longer appropriate for every team member to have admin controls. A user with a Member role can:

  • Invite or change the role of other members and Guest reporters (excluding admins)
  • Upload, access and manage recordings in the workspace
  • Configure workspace and personal integrations

Guest Reporter

Sometimes you need to have bugs reported from external clients, end users, or maybe team members who only report occasionally. For these scenarios we have the guest reporter role. The role allows anyone to report bugs privately to your workspace, while restricting their access to everything else - giving you full control of your workspace privacy and security.

Guest reporters can:

  • Upload and access their own recordings in the workspace
  • Configure personal integrations only e.g. connect to their own Jira account

Guest reporters cannot:

  • View private recordings uploaded by other members of the workspace
  • View any of the workspace settings e.g. they won't be able to see other workspace members