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Sharing a bug report

4 ways to share a bug report

  1. Copy a share link and paste it anywhere.

copy share link

  1. Tag a team member in a comment post or the description and they will receive an email alert.

member tagging

  1. Send it to another app with integrations. For example, create a Jira issue directly from Bird.


  1. Assign the bug report to a team member.

add assignee

Bug report access permissions

To manage who can view a bug report, click the carat next to the share button.

recording access permissions

A bug report has 2 levels of access:

  • Workspace members (more secure): only members of the workspace with a “Member” or “Admin” role will be able to access the bug report (learn more about workspace roles).
  • Anyone with link (easier to share): anyone with the bug report link will be able to view it, even if they do not have an account.

Some organisations may not want to allow the option to share recordings with an open access link for security reasons. A workspace “admin” can disable this sharing option for all workspace members via the general workspace settings page.

public sharing